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Available in single and two stage operation.

Designed with a stable platform for Greater Operator Comfort and Improved Productivity!

Standard snap switch rating: 10 AMP, 125/250 VAC

Another foot switch designed with the operator in mind. Unlike traditional foot switches, the Series 600 has a wider platform with support along the front operating edge and around the corners to deter tipping.

  1. The 600 features a flexible strain relief option for up to 18/3 SVT cord for longer cable life
  2. High strength socket head hinge screws
  3. All threaded openings are extruded to provide extra thread engagement
  4. Stable platform, even on corners!
  5. Long life snap switch
  6. #8 grounding screw is provided
  7. High quality, black E-coat
  8. A fiberglass sleeve is supplied to comply with UL requirements for strain-relief of thermoplastic jacketed cord
  9. Wide target area!
Custom Foot Switches

The 600 can be provided with special nameplates, cord sets, plugs and other features that may be required for specific applications. Available in DPDT; 2-stage operation, higher amperage and voltage ratings on special orders.

WARNING: It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of a foot switch for the intended use and to determine that it will comply with all Federal, State, and Local safety and health regulations.
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600-1990-20 N/A Single Switch with cord set N/A 8' 24/2 cable with leads stripped $37.50 Add To Cart
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600-6990-20 N/A 2-Stage Operation Foot Switch with cordset N/A 8' 22/4 black cable with leads stripped $41.68 Add To Cart
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